Every client of NationFX is automatically eligible for 20% Bonus as long as they deposit minimum 250 USD into their trading accouunt until 15th of August 2023. The maximum given bonus will be up to 1,000 USD.

The bonus is given in the Meta Trader 4 account automatically after the amount is transfered to the trading account.

The bonus is only available for trading and can not be withdrawn. Once you withdraw any amount from your MT4 account, the bonus will be burned (removed). You can however get the bonus as many times as you want until 30th of June as long as you transfer a minimum of 250USD to your MT4 account. Once you receive a bonus, it can be used  for 60 days until it will be completely removed from your account.

Example: A client transfers 1,000 USD to their trading account. The bonus that the client will receive is 20% of 1,000 USD, which is 200 USD. If the client will withdraw money from the trading account, the 200 USD credit will be removed.

If the client will deposit less than 250 USD, no bonus will be given.

With the opportunity of this bonus, we would like to inform you again about chapter 4.9 in our Customer Agreement which specifies that we do not accept aggresive scalping strategies, Trading Advisors , Trading robots, Copy Trading and/or any other software of this kind.

Failure to obey the customer agreement can lead to your account closure on our platform.